Amanda Palmer is the Girl Anachronism

Amanda Palmer is a talented musician who first came to the public eye as part of the duo the Dresden Dolls. The group is part musical group, part theatrical event the duo wowed audiences and critics alike. This group became known for their quirky costumes and music, and the even quirkier lyrics , and were termed Brechtian punk cabaret.
Amanda began releasing solo albums to much success, while continuing to perform with the Dresden Dolls, and soon gained a cult following. Amanda’s solo works are often noted for their quirky and humorous style, as evidenced by “I Google You”, which was co-written with Neil Giaman. Admirers flocked to her website where they were treated to a host of multimedia projects, including a book and video diary “Who Killed Amanda Palmer”, which were companion pieces to her solo album of the same name and referenced another cult hit the short lived tv show Twin Peaks.
Recently Amanda married writer Neil Giaman and revealed an interesting part of her past as performer. Amanda began by performing as living statue bride on the street corners, and reenacted this as part of the first “non- legally binding” ceremony where she married Neil before the couple got legally married a few months later.

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